JewelersClub 4.30 Carat T.G.W. Chrome Diopside And White Diamond Accent Sterling Silver Bracelet - Assorted Colors

$109.00 $399.00

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      • 0.925 Sterling Silver
      • Genuine Chrome Diopside 4.30 carat total weight
      • Accent White Diamond
      • Length : 7.50 Inch

      As you lift your arm to hail a cab, the twinkling of gems catches your eye. You pause for a moment to admire your latest acquisition--this gorgeous bracelet. With the braided sparkle mingled in with the metallic hues, it has the same effect on you now as when you first opened this lovely gift. It takes your breath away. You are standing at the side of the street in a slight daze when you're rudely brought back to reality with a 'Hey Miss, you comin' or what?'

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